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  • Wordpress Basics Class

    Learn each step to deploying and beginning to customize your Wordpress website in our 1 hour Wordpress basics class taught on-line in a virtual classroom. All virtual classes include a live instructor and friendly virtual environment where students can ask the instructor questions, share screens and view demonstrations. Class Details

  • Wordpress Intermediate Class

    The Wordpress intermediate class provides an understanding of some more advanced Wordpress features like customizing themes, search engine optimization and more. Sign up for the intermediate Wordpress class and join in on the fun! Classes take place in a live online environment with full access to the instructor.

  • Wordpress SEO Tactics

    Search engine optimization is the one thing that can make a difference for your business no matter what type of website you have. Wordpress provides a leg up when it comes to search engines like Google. I enjoy teaching this class because it brings results. Details

  • Wordpress Consulting

    I provide Wordpress training targeted at local business owners wanting to solve specific Wordpress-related problems quickly and efficiently. I've provided Wordpress consulting servies for the last 4 years and I can't wait to dive into the issues you're having with your website. Details

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Wordpress Class Features

  • Online Classes


    Virtual Wordpress training classes that we provide allow students to talk to the instructor, share screens and watch live demonstrations of Wordpress techniques.

  • Experienced Instructors

    Experienced Instructors

    We are dedicated to providing a premium Wordpress learning experience. We frequently analyze students feedback and study Wordpress training materials to provide a targeted training experience while closely coordinating course-ware with the latest Wordpress trends.

  • Small Classrooms


    The virtual Wordpress training classes are limited to 5 students per class. We've decided to focus our instructors' effort on helping each student with his or her individual needs instead of cramming an excessive amount of students into a generic class.

Recent Wordpress Projects

  • SpiderTools.comProduct

    Spidertools is an HTML website that has a Wordpress blog integrated seemlessly. The blog runs the Thesis framework with several customizations.

  • SpokaneFoodReviews.com Product

    This is a Wordpress-based food blog dedicated to highlighting premiere food spots in or around Spokane, WA. This site is build from the Thesis theme framework and features a dynamic slideshow, advanced form, and conditional ads.

  • BashShell.net Product

    This website was built to display many tutorial-style blog posts, encourage comments, and sell computer programming course-ware. It has many customizations including conditional ads, and a custom archive plugin.

Wordpress Tutorials

  • Akismet Spam Blocker Product

    Comment spam is when people or bots go to your articles and post links. This is an attempt to raise search engine ranking for the page being linked to.

  • Using TweetSpinner Product

    This advanced Twitter application is focused on increasing your productivity through a variety of time saving features. Schedule tweets to re-occur automatically with the Tweet Spinner “Smart Tweets” feature.

  • Basic Twitter Info Product

    From a small business perspective I have found Twitter to be easy to setup, automate, and extend the reach of almost any small business. This is especially true when compared to other types of online marketing that can be expensive and with uncertain results. Twitter is neither of these.